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Department of Theatre

CSU Theatre Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Task Force

An Introduction by Task Force Chair Beth Reeves

We See You. We Hear You. We Stand with You.

We See You. We are a committee that recognizes the importance of developing precise policies and practices to amplify equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging in Columbus State University's Department of Theatre. We are advocates who support all students feeling safe, seen and validated within an educational setting.

We Hear You. We firmly believe in celebrating diversity; it is the basic human right to justice that leads to equal opportunity for all. By doing so, we find it crucial that the learning environment should reflect the increasingly multicultural society in which we live, learn and perform through proper representation and policies. We encourage students to use their voices to promote equality.

We Stand with You. We are currently in the process of developing and executing a plan of action. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that will be responsive to ever-changing and evolving needs around equity on our campus, in our community, and in our industry. We will strategize how to create a safe space for the student today in order to produce a community that exemplifies and celebrates equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Belonging: A Conversation about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion infographic with text description below

Description of Belonging: A Conversation about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion infographic above


An org that engages full potential of the individual, where innovation thrives, and views, beliefs, and values are integrated.


Thoughts, ideas and perspectives of all individuals matter

Inclusion + Diversity

The dominant group or ideology is deferred to for decision making, opportunities and promotions


Multiple identities represented in an organization

Diversity + Equity

Culture assimilation results in disengagement and low retention


Constantly and consistently recognizing and redistributing power

Equity + Inclusion

Over saturation of similarity, homogeneous culture, and simplified points of view