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About Us

Columbus State University and the College of the Arts have been at the core of the Uptown Columbus evolution. Our community has awakened to a myriad of educational opportunities provided by CSU as it continues to enhance and establish world-class programs in the academic fine arts. The Schwob School of Music and the Departments of Communication, Art, and Theatre have flourished with the ability to attract world-class faculty and talented, enthusiastic young students from all over the globe. DANCE was the missing link. So with the full support of the college administration and the vision of a few community activists, the CSU Dance Program was initiated.

With the generosity of numerous donors, CSU now has a Minor in Dance Program. Beginning in the Fall of 2016 and with only seven semesters completed, the program has grown over 300%. From 13 minors and 35 students to 57 minors and 108 students, dance at CSU has become one of its fastest-growing curriculums. It is the vision of our donors and the university's administration that our Dance Minor will shortly lead to a Dance Major Program and will in the not too distant future create a self-sustaining Department of Dance within the CSU College of the Arts.

A Board of Advisors has been organized to assist the Dance Minor Program in fulfilling its mission, provide counsel and advice on important strategic issues, and help build the financial resources necessary to reach its priorities and goals. This group is dedicated to giving our regional arts-active teenagers comprehensive choices when making their application decisions. Our mission is to instruct our students with an outstanding dance curriculum taught by a stellar professional dance faculty, incorporate all dance styles, and pursue our goals of seeking to be one of the premier dance departments in this country.

The Dance Minor requires 15 credit hours which encompass credits in dance technique, dance history, dance choreography/composition, and performance. Technique classes include various levels of Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz Dance. All students, regardless of their individual majors, are eligible to declare a Dance Minor. Students enrolled in dance technique courses have the opportunity to perform in the annual dance concert at the Riverside Theatre.