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Department of Theatre

Admissions Requirements

Audition Dates:

Audition for Entrance into the Program for Spring Semester 2021: Date and Time, TBD

Audition Location:

The audition location is still to be determined. Please check back for updates and information about the upcoming fall audition for entrance into the Theatre Department for Spring Semester 2021. 

Required Audition Materials

  1. Audition Application (PDF)
    • Download the PDF and fill it in electronically instead of handwriting the information. This will help ensure audition results and other correspondence reaches our applicants and reduces the risk of return mail.
  2. Headshot
    • Does not have to be professional grade
  3. Theatre Resumé
  4. Transcript, includes your cumulative GPA
    • While you are required to submit a transcript to CSU for admission purposes, the Theatre Department does require a transcript as well. However, the one submitted in your audition packet does not have to be an official copy.
    • If you are currently enrolled at CSU or another university, please include both your high school transcript as well as the most up to date transcript from your university
    • If you are currently enrolled in CSU, please go to MyCSU under Student Records and select the Academic Transcript - View Unofficial to print
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation (PDF) from teacher/advisor that speak to applicant's academic and artistic abilities
    • Please have the Recommender either fill this out electronically
    • Due to physical distancing challenges, recommendations must either be emailed from a verified school email address or sent to the mailing address below

Mailing address for your audition packet:
4225 University Avenue
Columbus, GA 31907
Attn: Dept. of Theatre,
Katie Cannon

Note: If any part of your Audition Packet (Audition Application, Two Letters of Recommendation, Transcript, Resume, and Headshot) is missing, this will delay the decision on whether of not you have been accepted into the department. A letter of response will be sent out only to those with completed audition packets.

General Audition Information:

  • You may audition for only ONE of the following: BA, BFA Performance, BSEd, or BFA Design/Tech
  • There is no one time slot to reserve for an audition. On the day of auditions, everyone will meet in the Riverside Theatre at 1:00pm. There will be a brief introduction/orientation followed by the audition proceedings.
  • An accompanist will NOT be provided during auditions. If singing, please bring a CD of your music, or you may choose to sing a capella.
  • The Audition Interview includes either a presentation of portfolio materials demonstrating previous theatre involvement (may include design/tech, dramaturgy, dramaturgy, playwriting, or other supporting materials), OR
  • Presentation of Audition/Interview - Two contrasting monologues OR one monologue and 16 bars of music (the total time of your audition should NOT exceed 90 seconds)
  • For those students bringing a portfolio: This may consist of shots from a production you worked on, sketches of costumes, a rubric of what your process was when working on a show, etc.

Programs of Study:

  • BA in Theatre Arts
  • BFA with an emphasis in Acting
  • BFA with an emphasis in Design & Technology
  • BSEd in Theatre Education
  • MSEd in Theatre Education

Note: Incoming freshman may audition for any of the above areas (with the exception of the MSEd in Theatre Education) but may be admitted into the BA program prior to being able to qualify for another area of study within the department. If this is the case, then incoming students may apply to one of the other areas of study as part of the Freshman Jury process during their freshman year.

Notable (for new and current students):

  • If you miss any of the above-listed Audition Dates, you are invited to come to CSU and register as an UNDECLARED major. You can then audition during your first semester at one of our listed audition dates to enter the department
  • For Retention: All Theatre Majors are required to maintain a 2.75 GPA in their program of study